Analytics Developer - 100% remote

We are looking for a remote analytics developer (timezone between UTC and UTC+5) who works on data to make data work.

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About Function

Function Data is a growing data consulting business based in Amsterdam, and we build the technical and organisational solutions that make companies truly data driven. We are convinced there is a better approach to data initiatives, so we started a company that helps companies change the way they perform data projects.

We have a strong focus and expertise on marketing related topics and projects, with the result that our portfolio consists of a variety of cool, customer facing brands.

Function Data operates as an embedded data team – or as an extension of the existing data team. We use software best practices to match their business opportunities with data development, so that we deliver value fast and continuously.

The way we work is transparent and collaborative, helping companies to keep innovating, also after we have left.

We are a remote team, that has a home base office in Amsterdam. Depending on the role we work completely remote, partly at our office and partly at our clients.

We believe that diversity is strength.

About The Role

Over the last years, the technical web analyst role has evolved towards an all-round analytics developer. To us, that means that your work will build the data infrastructure and data pipelines into relevant systems, which are usually analytics- and marketing activation related in our field.

Every solution is different, but summarized you will work with platforms and products like:

  • Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery – Cloud Composer – Dataform)
  • Tag Management Systems (GTM, Tealium)
  • Digital Analytics Systems (Google Analytics, Amplitude, Looker)
  • Customer Data Platforms (Tealium, Segment)
  • Pipeline tools (Fivetran, Hightouch, Supermetrics)

Writing code in:

  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • Python

About you

  • Have at least 4 years of experience in a data role
  • Are analytical, technical, independent and have good communication skills;
  • Have an excellent command of English, spoken and written;
  • Have in-depth experience to a variety of the platforms and code languages mentioned above.
  • You enjoy making stuff over sitting in meetings (you’ll definitely still be in some meetings, sorry).
  • You see the potential strategic value of data, understand its development reality and aim at where they overlap.

What we offer

  • Salary depending on experience:
    • Our Dutch salary range (3500 – 5000 euros per month) multiplied by a location factor. This factor ranges from 0.5 to 1.5.
  • Dedicated 15% of your time to personal learning and development
  • Great fringe benefits
  • The choice to work where you are most productive: at home or in a shared office space.

Education partner

We are quite proud to announce that we partnered up with JADS* to offer a 3-year professional education program that will help you to further develop to an all-round data science professional.

*JADS is a unique cooperation between Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). They offer various data science programs. From bachelor and master programs to professional education. JADS’ amazing campus is located in an old monastery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which we think is super cool. It is good to know that for the year 2 and year 3 program we compose a learning agreement. Here we agree on some terms in case you decide to end the employment agreement in the year following the year that the program was followed.

Year 1

A 2 month introductory program in data science for professionals, based on the dual perspectives of Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University.

Year 2

The 7-month core program in data analytics, data engineering and data entrepreneurship to further train you as an all-round data scientist.

Year 3

The 7-month certificate program that revolves around learning to lead a data-science initiative and achieve real impact. An in-company project supported by JADS experts is included.

Application process



You can submit a resume via the 'Apply Now' button below. Next, we will ask you to answer a few questions, which help us understand how your background and interests fit with what we are looking for at Function. Make sure to answer these questions carefully as they can make the difference between a successful application and not.


Short introductory call

We will schedule a brief call to discuss your background and interests and to give you the opportunity to learn more about Function.


Technical Task

You will be asked to work on a set of problems that reflect the technical, analytical and communication skills needed for this role. It gives us a sense of your skills and it hopefully also gives you a taste of what it's like working for Function. We will give you personal feedback on this task, regardless of the outcome.


Final interview

This is the final step in the application process and consists of a one-hour interview with the hiring manager and a sernior engineer on the team. We will discuss the task (and give you feedback) but also cover a wider set of questions around your business experience and your outlook for the role.



We will let you know our decision, and if we see a good fit we make you an offer we hope you can't refuse.

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